Creating an energy-boosting garden

Phantom Screens / August 4, 2016

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Your garden doesn’t just have to be a place for peaceful relaxation and your veranda can be used for more than lounging. Use these spaces to boost your energy and get you motivated. With the right colors and features, your garden will soon have you leaping out of bed. There’s no better place to tackle the work for the day than overlooking the vibrant space you’ve created. Here’s some tips for designing invigorating outdoor living spaces.

Mix it up

Choose a variety of brightly colored shrubs and flowers to include in your garden. Even vibrantly painted outdoor furniture will give you a jolt. The best colors for the job live in the warm palette. In feng shui, yellow is associated with earth energy. It is cheerful and promotes metal clarity. Red comes from fire and is founded in life energy. This color increases heart rate and blood pressure, getting you on the move. Your garden doesn’t have to be dominated by yellow, orange and red flowers to stimulate you. Find artistic ways to include these colors in your landscape. When gardening with a cool palette, just be sure they have a bright hue and heavy saturation. A flower with a heavy concentration of turquoise can still be invigorating even though it’s part of the blue family, which is often associated with calm. In fact, blue promotes concentration. Pair bright blue with yellow to promote focus and energy together.

Choose for shape

Drooping plants, like willows, have a relaxed aura. To have a garden that boosts your energy, choose more rigid plants. Trees like Italian cypress are great because they reach upward with a long spear-like shape. Choose shrubs that move the eye higher.

Plant produce

Certain produce is known for the way it boosts a person’s mood. If you would like a vegetable garden in your yard, choose food that will increase your energy when you eat it. Chard is packed with magnesium, a mineral that increases energy levels. The skin of tomatoes is rich in lycopene. This phytonutrient inhibits the growth of pro-inflammatory compounds that have been linked to depression. Cherry tomatoes are best because you will eat more skin in one bite than you would with a full size tomato. Black-eyed peas contain high levels of folate, which is responsible for the production of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine in the brain. These chemicals are associated with happiness and vitality.

Unnatural elements

Statues and water features can add energy to your outdoor living spaces as well. Choose figures that have open stances and move the eye upward. When choosing a water feature, opt for designs that stand out rather than blend in. Instead of a natural waterfall, choose a metal fountain.

Build a study

Transform your outdoor living spaces into a study. Your porch or veranda doesn’t have to be allocated for relaxation alone. With a stunning and energizing garden nearby, your outdoor office will be saturated with motivating views. A covered porch can become a private office with the addition of retractable screens. The mesh that Phantom Screens uses ensures privacy without obstructing your view of the garden. You can still take in the energy that the colors bring you without worrying whether a peering eye will break your concentration. Retractable screens also keep out bugs and, with clear vinyl walls, can create a climate-controlled room right on your patio! While working in your outdoor living spaces, you won’t be distracted by an obnoxious fly or gusty breeze.
Design your veranda so that it includes a desk, office chair and storage units, such as bookcases. Good lighting is important when you work, as a dim atmosphere can cause you to strain your eyes. Add elements that create comfort, such as a rug or access to music. Your outdoor office shouldn’t look too different from your indoor one. Here, you’ll just have access to an energizing garden and the natural ventilation allowed by retractable screens.