Create cozy outdoor living spaces

Phantom Screens / August 3, 2016

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Large outdoor living spaces can seem so vast that they aren’t cozy. But if you’re going to be lounging in your yard, you want the design to promote a homey atmosphere. American homeowners are spending more time in their yards and the best way to have an appealing space is to add a few comfortable touches when you remodel. Here are a few ideas…

Cover the space

Whether or not you already have a deck, you should consider building covered outdoor spaces. These areas will section off your yard into more snug environments. Indoor rooms with low ceilings feel more contained and comfortable than those with high ceilings (or no ceiling at all). Building covered decks utilizes that visual element by bringing the ceiling – or the sky – closer to you.

You can place the covered space anywhere in your yard. Some homeowners prefer having it right against the house while others enjoy a gazebo design. Either way, the covered areas of your yard can be used for a variety of purposes.

Screen in your deck

Consider installing motorized retractable screens once you have a covered deck. The screens are hidden when they are not in use and deploy at the push of a button. Your covered deck can become a screened-in area with ease, creating a space that is truly homey. Get privacy with the right mesh choice to keep your lounging to yourself and prevent bugs from invading your deck. Retractable screens afford numerous opportunities to enjoy the fresh air in your backyard without feeling exposed.

Design outdoor rooms

Large spaces can feel overwhelming, but you can fix that by sectioning your yard into outdoor rooms. For example, consider building an outdoor kitchen inside your covered deck. The retractable screens you’ve installed will keep bugs away from the food. You may also place seating near the pool or add lounge furniture in your garden. Each “room” will be a new welcoming space for you to explore and enjoy.
Consider how the “rooms” will interact while you plan. Avoid placing furniture near the grill as smoke from the fire could bother those sitting. However, an outdoor fireplace – which has a chimney to keep smoke away – would be a great focal point in your lounging area.
Place barriers between various areas if you want the space to be more intimate. The retractable screens installed on your deck will add privacy to that space, but your lawn furniture set and other spots need concealment as well. Landscaping is the perfect tool for creating natural barriers. Plant tall shrubs or grass between your outdoor “rooms.”

Mix the indoors with the outdoors

Your home is probably already a relaxed haven, so why not open it up to the outdoors? Add large doors to lead outside, letting you and your guests grab a snack and then head outside. You’ll have access to the comforts of your home and you can enjoy food and drinks from the kitchen beneath the sun or inside your screened-in porch.

Consider lighting

Set the mood of your outdoor living spaces by installing light fixtures. Whether you add dimmer lights inside your covered deck or ground lights by the garden, the right hue and glow will create intimacy in the space. Choose bulbs that give off a warm illumination, such as tinted glass bulbs or LED’s.

An outdoor fireplace is a great way to light your cozy yard without electricity. Not only will it illuminate the area, but it will serve as a space heater and a visually-striking design element.

Decorate for comfort

Decorate your outdoor spaces like you would an indoor one. Place throw pillows and blankets inside your covered deck, add knick-knacks that you love and include beautiful landscaping. The right flowers can also alter the mood of your cozy outdoor space.