Conquering the stoop

Phantom Screens / August 3, 2016

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The stoop is the first place people see when they enter your home. Sprucing up the stoop will not only improve your home’s curb appeal, but also create a more inviting place to receive guests and greet neighbors.

Go bold

One of the best ways to invigorate that front entrance is with a fresh coat of colorful paint. Don’t shy away from using a bright accent color to add personality and charm to the space. The front door is a prime candidate for a splash of color. The addition will give visitors a mood boost when they encounter a funky threshold.

Including flowerpots that are painted the same color as your door will tie together the space and give it an overarching sense of cohesion. The key here is to use an odd number of different-sized pots to maximize the visual interest of your setup.

In addition, if your stoop is large enough for outdoor furniture, add a few chairs or a couch that have bright upholstery. There are many manufacturers that sell fade-resistant fabrics in a range of colors and patterns.

Embrace plants

The stoop offers many opportunities to add more plants into your home’s facade. Hanging baskets are a popular choice because they draw the eye up, making your home seem more dynamic. There are a variety of popular plants that work very well in hanging planters. Look for petunias and million bells to achieve the cascading flower look.

Topiaries are fun sculpted plants that are perfect for adding an architectural touch to your stoop. Look for varieties in traditional shapes, such as boxes and globes, for a touch of classic elegance. Try pairing these sculpted evergreens with an out-of-the-ordinary container for a fun accent piece that will add a light-hearted feel to the space. If your stoop is perpetually in shade, use a fake topiary as it will require little to no maintenance and live forever!

Don’t forget the floor

The most ground cover a front stoop usually gets is a small welcome mat at the foot of the door. Go big with a full-sized outdoor rug for a more dramatic entrance. Choose an enticing color or pattern to make your stoop a bit more cheery. If you don’t want to bother with the maintenance of an outdoor rug, paint the floor with a rug-like pattern to get the same effect without worrying about washing and drying an actual rug.

Look up

The ceiling is another aspect of a stoop that is all-too-often neglected. The blue porch ceiling has become a bit of a design cliché. The trend started in the American South where it was believed that supernatural spirits were unable to cross water. Thus, southerners began painting their entire stoop blue to fool ghosts into thinking it was water. The common practice eventually morphed to become more about repelling bugs than boogeymen. Many believe that the blue color fools insects into thinking it is the sky thus preventing them from nesting. Most people today paint their ceilings blue not for ghost or insect control, but rather for aesthetic reasons. Explore your options and consider the different effects that a lighter or darker shade would have on your outdoor living space.

Numbers game

Finally, make sure that your house numbers are clearly visible not only on your stoop, but also from the road. Use big, bold numerals or design an address plaque that reflects your home’s personality. Making your house easily identifiable from the stoop will go a long way to improving its overall worth.