Choosing the best doors for your remodeling project

Phantom Screens / August 4, 2016

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If you’re working on a home remodeling project, choosing the best doors for your space is essential. Interior and exterior doors are available in many styles and materials, and the amount of choices can be overwhelming. One thing you don’t have to stress about is the retractable screen for your new doors. A Phantom Screens retractable screen blends into your home decor flawlessly. Our retractable screens are versatile and blend into most openings for a chic and sophisticated look.

Finding and choosing the right door that fits with the rest of your decor is important for blending and stylistic purposes. There are different types of doors to pick from and each serves a different purpose. For interior doors, choices range from sliding, flush, pocket or folding doors. Each will give your home a unique look. Sliding doors are typically made of glass or wood, and are perfect for closets and patio doors. They conserve space and add sleekness. Pocket doors are similar to sliding doors, but they slide into a pocket in the wall rather than off to the side. These doors are ideal for adding extra room in your home for entertaining or for closing off a room for extra privacy. Folding doors are generally used for storage and laundry rooms, folding on either side for a compact design. Flush doors are the typical open-and-close doors you’d likely see in homes. These can be used in any room and can serve multiple purposes.

Looking for a more unique door? Then consider barn doors, French doors or Dutch doors for added style. Barn doors look more rustic and natural, whereas French doors are paneled off with glass and have a look of sophistication. Dutch doors are in a category of their own as they divide horizontally in the middle for a split door effect. With all of these door types, Phantom Screens can easily screen these types of doors with different types of retractable screens.

Now that you’ve had a quick rundown of the types of doors available, there are a multitude of material types to choose from. Exterior doors are typically made of wood or steel and should be the sturdiest doors in your house. Front doors should make a statement, so take this into account when choosing your door material, style and color. Fiberglass doors are a great option for humid climates as they are able to withstand changing weather conditions.

Doors can be made with any material you want, but there are a few stand-out products that are door-friendly. Plywood, wood fiber blends and solid wood are all popular materials that can hold up against frequent use. If you like the look of solid wood, adorn it with stylish handles or a sophisticated door knocker. Distressed doors also add a bit of an interesting style to the look of your home’s exterior.