Blurring the lines between outside and inside

Phantom Screens / August 4, 2016

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One of the benefits of owning gorgeous outdoor living spaces is the way the outdoors and indoors can be blended. Your yard, deck or veranda can feel just as homey as your interior, and vice versa. With options in retractable screen systems and folding glass doors, the look and design of your space can be completely unique. If you’re looking to add a more organic flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces, here’s some insight.


Designing visual and spatial continuity in your home and yard blurs the lines between indoors and outdoors. The way to achieve this is to emulate or replicate interior materials outdoors. For example, if your kitchen opens to your deck, have the same wood used on the floor and the patio. Keep the grain going the same direction so that there is no visual break between rooms (other than your sliding glass door, of course). Not only will implementing this concept create a Frank Lloyd Wright-esque connection between nature and your home, but the spaces will also appear larger. Open, connected square footage tricks the eye into seeing more room.
You can easily maintain continuity even if you want to periodically close off your outdoor living spaces. With Phantom’s retractable screen systems, you can add a retractable screen or clear vinyl wall to your porch that will be completely invisible when not in use. Those hot days when you want to keep harmful UV rays away from your outdoor lounge space will not prevent your home from being visually one with the outdoors.

Bringing nature in

The transition between your outdoor living spaces and your home can be flawless by adding natural elements to your decor. When designing your interior, choose elements like stone and wood that are native to the area. If your yard features water elements, incorporating a fountain inside brings the two worlds together. Frame your doorways with plants similar to those outdoors.

Open spaces

Open walls within your home breach the separation between indoor and outdoor spaces. Covered decks, verandas and porches all naturally have this feature. This transitions you from a completely covered house to a room with no walls to, finally, a completely outside area. Open walls also give the visual impression that there is no clear break between outside and inside. These areas can easily be fitted with motorized retractable clear vinyl walls or screen systems from Phantom Screens if you have days where you want to maintain a clear detachment.


Large picture windows have the same effect as sliding glass doors or open walls when it comes to blending the outdoors and indoors. Windows give you a clear view of the outside and the rules of visual and spatial continuity can still apply. For example, a ceiling frame can extend from an interior wall to jut past an exterior one. You can still frame a window with colors and materials that are on the deck outside. Windows will allow you to create the illusion of blurred boundaries with the comfort of an enclosed living space.
Just like with large openings or doors, your windows can be fitted with retractable screen systems that give you maximum visibility, UV protection and privacy.


One final way to blend your indoor and outdoor spaces is by instilling unity throughout all areas of your property. Think of your home as a whole. Rooms shouldn’t be disassociated from one another by strikingly different decor. Have focal points in each room, but then let architectural and design elements move your eye onward. Maybe a certain material can be repeated throughout the house and deck, such as a specific wood. Think of your home as having variations on a theme.