Best backyard features to have in time for Memorial Day

Phantom Screens / August 3, 2016

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Memorial Day is a time when friends and families gather outside to grill and celebrate. If you’re hosting a holiday party this year, you may consider upgrading your outdoor living spaces beforehand. A few changes will make your yard feel comfortable and welcoming, which is perfect when you have guests over. Here are just some of the features you can add.

Screened deck

If you already have a covered deck, you can transform it into a three-season room with ease – all you need are retractable screens for large openings. Retractable screens blend in with the existing architecture of your home and will turn your space into the perfect spot to host guests. The screens prevent bugs from getting inside (which is perfect if you’re serving food) and shield you from ultraviolet light. You’ll stay cool behind the screens, as they allow for natural ventilation while providing shade.

Outdoor kitchen

These popular outdoor features are all the rage because they make your yard feel like another room. By installing an outdoor kitchen, you can truly have a party in the backyard. Most get-togethers that take place outside require the host to run back and forth from the house to the yard to get food. Unfortunately, this often means that the host doesn’t get a lot of time with their guests. Having a kitchen (complete with grill, mini fridge and counters) allows you to stay with your guests as you prepare a meal. It’s the perfect way to be social and provide for your friends and family.


Fill your covered outdoor spaces or your yard with ample seating. Memorial Day guests may want to sit down to eat, so you could consider placing a dining table on your deck. You can even find outdoor furniture that looks like it belongs in the house. Create seating areas where guests can mingle. For example, face a long bench toward two chairs and place a coffee table in the middle. Arrange your yard the way you would your living room and everyone will feel comfortable in the space.

Update your landscaping

A manicured lawn and well-kept garden can make any yard look incredible. Consider planting new flowers or shrubs to update the aesthetic of your space. Pick native plants that are in season to highlight your natural surroundings. You can even make walkways with stones to guide your guests around the yard.

Add lighting

Your Memorial Day celebration might go into the night, so you’ll want to be sure your party area is well lit even after the sun has set. If you haven’t already, install lights in your covered outdoor spaces. When the lights are on and the retractable screens are closed, you’ll feel like you’re inside (though you’ll have a great breeze, of course).

You can also install sconces on the side of your home and add garden lights throughout your yard. Get creative and choose fixtures that appeal to you.

Outdoor fireplace

Imagine sitting near a roaring fire after the sun has gone down. You can do this in your yard by installing an outdoor fireplace. These design features are another part of decor movement that makes outdoor living spaces feel more like indoor ones. The style of fireplace is completely up to you, but should match the design of your home. For example, if your house is covered in brick, choose matching materials for the fireplace. Once it’s installed, add seating around the fire. Guests will be able to sit around and chat by the warmth of the flames.