Banish the bugs with these six remedies

Phantom Screens / August 3, 2016

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Having insects in your home is not only annoying, it can be unhygienic too. Here are six ways to get rid of flying insects and pests.

Retractable screens

You knew we’d put that as number one, didn’t you? With retractable screens, you can open up your home to enjoy the breeze without having to suffer the annoying bugs, even at night when the lights are on! The part of a retractable screen that stops the bugs is the mesh. We have a whole range of mesh types here at Phantom Screens and all of them protect against insects. It’s up to you what colors, styles and level of protection you choose!

Maintain your backyard

It may be obvious, but keeping on top of your backyard chores will help stop infestations. If you eliminate pooled water, you’ll have a better chance of getting rid of mosquitoes – which need a water supply to breed. Having a tidy and clean backyard will help to reduce the number of bugs trying to enter your home as well as allowing you to better enjoy time spent in your garden.

Seal your doors

If you take a look at your doorways carefully, you may notice a few unsealed gaps, making an easy entry point for insects. So to keep bugs at bay, install a steel or aluminum threshold under the door. And to make it even better, use a nylon brush sweep under the door.

Seal around your pipes and other cracks

We all know that bugs are tiny, so it’s no surprise that they can get in through cracks or holes that are virtually impossible to see with the naked eye! That’s why sealing cracks on the outside of your home is one of the simplest ways to insect-proof your house. And it’s a good idea, because according to experts if a pencil can get into a crack or gap, a mouse can also fit through, along with all kinds of bugs! You can fill small gaps or cracks using pipe sealants or caulk. For larger openings, use expandable polyurethane foam.

Don’t feed them!

Like humans, bugs need to eat to survive. Stop them from feasting in your home by storing all your food in airtight containers and keeping unsealed food products in the fridge whenever possible. An untidy home can be a breeding ground for pests; bugs can breed in vast numbers long before they’re discovered if they’re hidden by piles of paper or in a cluttered cupboard, by which point it’s almost too late. Reduce your clutter and you’ll reduce your potential for insects.

Encourage natural predators

If you’re suffering with too many bugs, bring in help! Not necessarily in the form of a pest controller, but use nature instead. A great way to bug-proof your home is to let the insects’ natural predators help. Small insects are the main source of food for a large number of birds. Warblers and swallows, for example, are great at killing mosquitoes. There’s a really useful beginner’s guide to attracting birds to your backyard here.