Add a hot tub to your outdoor living space

Phantom Screens / May 30, 2016

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There’s no better way to create a relaxing escape in the backyard than with the addition of a hot tub. A calming hot tub can blend into any décor scheme in your outdoor living spaces so you can get nice and toasty if snow is on the ground or let your muscles unwind if the weather is warm. You can add texture and natural textiles to your hot tub to ensure it tastefully blends with the outdoor aesthetic. Try one of these ideas to create an oasis in your outdoor living spaces that you simply won’t want to leave.

Tranquil retreat

Hot tubs by nature are relaxing, but there are plenty of ways to make the bubbling water even more calming. Add a natural border around the exterior of the hot tub, like bamboo or elegant wooden planks, so it blends into the outdoors and you aren’t stuck looking at the unappealing border of a traditional tub. Concrete, tile and stone are also great materials to use that will help blend the hot tub into the design of your outdoor living spaces. Include some tropical potted plants around the tub and you’ll feel as though you slipped right into a spa.

Outdoor man cave

Do you spend your days doing hard labor? A hot tub is so versatile it can be turned into a man’s favorite hangout. Some hot tubs even include built-in bars and televisions. However, you can easily design the area around the hot tub to be unique to your personality. Place the hot tub so you can easily view your outdoor flat screen television – perfect for game day. Add an outdoor bar with a small refrigerator so you don’t have to go far to get another beverage!

Fire and water

What’s more tranquil than being near fire and water? There are plenty of unique ways that you can add a fire feature around your hot tub. You can include a stone fire pit or built-in chiminea so that the moment you step out of the warmth you are met with a cozy glow. This is especially great for chilly fall evenings and snowy afternoons so you don’t have to run to the indoors to stay warm.

Hot and cold

Incorporate your hot tub into your outdoor design near your pool. This helps to make the transition to and from one another a breeze. Designing your hot tub alongside the pool is best when you want to quickly jump from hot to cold. This also creates a beautiful aesthetic of an extra long pool.


The sound of cascading water is incredibly relaxing, so it’s only fitting that you would add this type of feature to your outdoor hot tub. Whether it’s coming from the hot tub or going into it, modern waterfalls are super popular to create a stunning spa-like oasis. This will also add a great visual to your entire outdoor space. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative when adding a water feature.

Utilize your surroundings

Do you have a stunning view of a forest, water or prairie in your backyard? Take advantage of the exterior of your home by elevating your hot tub so that you can bask in the warmth and look out onto the horizon. Additionally, elevating the spa will give you extra privacy. Now all you need is a nice glass of wine or a chilled cocktail, and you will have a perfect evening!