7 easy home upgrades that simplify life

Phantom Screens / June 1, 2016

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Not all of your remodeling projects have to be huge overhauls that take months to complete. In fact, you can add a sense luxury to your home by changing just a few key elements. The right features can alter the way you live your life for the better. Here are a few simple upgrades you can make on a small budget.

1. Soft-stop drawers and cabinets

Adding a soft-stop feature to your drawers and cabinets is an easy upgrade, whether you’re installing all new hardware or you’d like to improve the ones you have. You can purchase the slides on their own or ask for your new cabinets to have them. When you accidentally slam a drawer or cabinet, the soft-stop feature halts them just before they close. Not only do the slides create a quiet kitchen, they also prevent damage. Soft-stops can also be installed in your bathroom drawers and cabinets.

2. Retractable screens

Retractable window screens can be installed to match the architecture of your home and are invisible when not in use. The screens also keep out ultraviolet rays, which help protect your artwork and furnishings from fading. You can also connect motorized retractable screens to a sun sensor, which automatically deploys the screens when the sensor detects light.
Retractable screens are easy to install because they don’t require alteration to the rest of your house. Furthermore, they have many useful benefits in addition to blocking light. For example, you can open your doors and windows to create a flow of natural ventilation without fearing that bugs will get inside.

3. Built-in soap dispenser

Install a built-in soap dispenser in your kitchen and/or bathroom to have easy access to soap. This feature looks slick and is functional. You’ll always have the dish soap right where you need it and you’ll reduce waste caused by buying plastic bottles. All you’ll have to get is a large container of soap to refill your built-in dispenser when it empties. Best of all, built-in soap dispensers reduce clutter on your counters.

4. Strategic lighting

Consider hanging small track lights beneath and inside your cabinets. Choose LED lights for a beautiful light source. This easy upgrade will improve the experience of cooking because you’ll be able to see what you’re doing. Put a few lights inside the cabinets (especially those in the corner) so you can find what you’re looking for without digging through numerous pots and pans.
The system you choose for the under-cabinet lighting can vary depending on your needs. You may want to put each section on its own switch so that the whole kitchen doesn’t need to be illuminated if you’re only using one counter.

5. Towel warmers

Avoid being cold when you get out of the shower by installing towel warmers in your bathroom. These nifty gadgets use infrared technology to heat the rack and your towels. The warmers need to be hung near an outlet because they run on electricity. Towel warmers are a simple way to add luxury to your life.

6. Faucet aerators

Decrease your monthly water bills by installing faucet aerators throughout your house. These devices fit over your existing faucets and shower heads and shoot air into the water stream. You’ll still have a strong water pressure, but you won’t be using as much liquid. Take note of the type of faucets and shower heads you have in each bathroom and your kitchen so that you purchase aerators that fit.

7. Motion-sensing lights

Install motion-sensing lights for your outdoor living spaces so that you can see where you’re going at night. You won’t have to struggle to locate your house keys after dark and your guests will be greeted with a glowing front porch.