5 ways to optimize outdoor living spaces

Phantom Screens / May 30, 2016

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Decks are a great place to entertain guests and enjoy the great outdoors. With so many ways to make outdoor living spaces more comfortable, it’s no wonder homeowners want to get the most out of the square footage they have. With some simple maintenance and a few upgrades, your covered deck can quickly become a highlight of your home.

Here’s how you can make the most of your outdoor living spaces:

Keep it clean

To keep your deck looking good as new, it’s important that the wood is properly taken care of. Start by applying cleaning solution to all exposed surfaces of the deck. Be careful of the product you use as many cleaners contain harsh chemicals. Make sure that the cleaner sits for the recommended amount of time so that it can settle into the wood. When you are ready to rinse, don’t focus too long on one area. Placing too much water pressure on one spot can be harmful to the wood.
Once your deck is clean, you can start working on repairs. This could be anything from hammering in a nail to replacing several boards. Keep your eyes open for worn out areas that need to be fixed. Use a sander to help smooth out rough spots or splinters.
Apply stain or sealer to finish off the job. While the finish is still wet, spray sealant over the deck and then use a brush to work it into cracks. Give the sealant some time to dry and your deck is good as new!

Closing it in

To make your covered deck, porch or veranda more comfortable year-round, consider installing retractable screens. The screens fit seamlessly into the architecture of your covered deck and hide completely out of sight when not in use. Lowering the screens will keep out unwanted bugs and add privacy from nosey neighbors or a busy street.

Keeping it warm

You can enjoy your screened-in porch in any weather by adding a heating feature. Installing an exterior fireplace will make the deck much more comfortable whether you’re relaxing on your own or entertaining guests. Outdoor fireplaces are safer and easier to use than open fire pits and create a cozy atmosphere in the cooler months.

Light it up

Install electric lighting to enjoy your deck after it gets dark. You can control the amount of light on your deck by hooking the fixtures up to a dimmer switch. For a more intimate atmosphere, you can turn down the lights while the fireplace is being used.

Make it home

Before going into all-out shopping mode, decide what you’ll be using your outdoor living space for. If you plan on hosting holiday parties and entertaining guests, you might want a new indoor/outdoor dining set. If you see your covered porch as a retreat where you can enjoy the view of your yard, go for couches or recliners instead.