5 tips for creating a happy home

Phantom Screens / May 31, 2016

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Your home doesn’t have to be picture perfect or look like it comes from a magazine to make you happy. The way your space is laid out and the colors and furnishings you choose can be the secret to creating your family’s dream home.

Here are five simple things you can do to create a happy home:

Got kids? Don’t demand perfection!

If you’re always trying to create a beautiful showcase home that impresses your friends but you can’t keep up to your messy children, then maybe a pure white minimalist interior is not for you. Choose the lived-in look of shabby chic rather than a polished modern interior. It’s much more forgiving of fingerprints, dents and flying food.

Color is crucial

Color can make a huge difference to how your home feels. Take some time to think about what feelings you want to create in each room and gather together ideas in a mood board to help you choose the perfect color. Magazine articles and blogs can help you learn more about how different colors fit into each area of the home. But remember, it’s ultimately up to you. It doesn’t matter if your walls are a bright mix of colors or subtle shades of cream – choose the tone that makes you and your family happy.

Don’t forget the floors

When you’re upgrading a room or thinking of changing things around, don’t ignore the floors. For a comfy and welcoming atmosphere, carpet might be the perfect fit. But for a big family room that’s full of kids and activities, hardwood can be better choice. To avoid accidents, remember to use non-slip flooring in the kitchen or bathroom where there’s a possibility of water spills. It’s important to balance comfort and creativity with practicality so you don’t spend all your time cleaning.

Find comfort with textures and fabrics

To create a happy home you have to spend a little time considering what makes you comfortable. Is it stepping out of the shower and feeling your toes sink into a luscious mat? Or wrapping up in a baby-soft cotton towel? For some people it can even be as simple as cuddling up on the sofa with a blanket. Textures, fabrics and rugs add a whole new dimension to decorating plus you can easily swap them out if you get bored of them.

Don’t stress, it’s your home!

Take a relaxed approach to your home and be as individual as you like. Your home doesn’t have to be ultra-chic or look like it’s ready for a photo shoot to be happy. Create the kind of space you and your family are comfortable in and don’t worry about the rest. Make it the place you look forward coming home to and don’t worry about being perfect. After all, there’s no place like home.