A great outdoors – and indoors!

We like to call them “invisible thresholds”. What we really mean is blurring the lines between your outdoor living space and the interior of your home with Phantom’s retractable screens. Whether you want screens that appear at the touch of a button or to screen French doors, we’re here to help.

Live large!

Expand your living space and add more usable square footage by opening up your home to your covered deck or porch. We can help you screen it from the bugs and intense heat of the sun – extending the time you spend outside and giving you and your family room to breathe.

Insect mesh provides a bug free oasis with motorized retractable screens for large openings

Disappearing screens

Our screens disappear into their housings when you don’t need them – keeping your view to the outdoors. And if you’re looking to blend them with your home’s design or recess them into the architecture, we can do that too.

Automatic and motorized

Imagine screens that appear at the touch of a button. Opening up your home to your porch or patio can be that easy – and we’ve even got sun and wind sensors to operate the screens when you’re away. And if you’ve got a home automation system, we can integrate with that too.

Motorized screens for large openings such as patios and porches

Phantom Screens Promotional Photography Fort Langley

No more bugs

Banish the bugs with our screens! Yes, keep all the critters on the outside of your home with our screens – stopping them from getting inside to bug you.

Keep your cool

If you’ve opened up your home to the fresh air, you can turn down your air conditioner – saving you money. Plus our screens are great for giving shade from the sun so you can reduce the effect known as solar heat gain.

Yes, we screen French doors!

Retractable screens are the only way you can screen French doors! So now you can open them up and enjoy the breeze.

Choose your style …

There are a myriad of choices for porches and patios – but we have retractable screens for almost all of them. Whether you want to hide the screens in your home’s structure or match a particular style or finish we can help.