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At the heart of our operation, we hold these four pillars high: speak the truth, serve others, chase excellence, and practice stewardship. Let’s break it down:

Truth-telling is our jam. We’re not about telling tall tales or spinning yarns. We believe in being honest and straightforward with each other to build trust and create meaningful connections.

We’re all about lifting each other up, too. We’re not in it for ourselves—we’re in it for the team. We strive to help each other grow and succeed because when one of us wins, we all win.

But we’re not satisfied with just being good enough. We’re obsessed with being excellent. We push ourselves to be the best we can be in everything we do, from serving our customers to dreaming up new ideas.

And last but not least, we’re all about being responsible stewards of our resources. We know that what we do affects more than just us, so we take our role seriously and do our part to impact the world around us positively.

That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it!

Benefits of being an Ambassador

Are you ready to join the elite ranks of the Phantom Screens Ambassador program? Well, buckle up because it’s about to be a wild ride! Here are just a few of the fantastical benefits that await you:

First and foremost, you’ll become an official member of the Phantom Screens Family. That means you’ll get to meet new people and share ideas and projects, like a big, happy, bug-free commune. And who doesn’t love that?

But wait, there’s more! As an Ambassador, you’ll connect with like-minded folks who share your passion for all things Phantom. You’ll receive exclusive merch and Phantom Screens products. And speaking of friends and family, we’ll even throw a quarterly party just for you and your crew. Because we know how to party like it’s 1999.

But the perks don’t stop there. Each month, you’ll have the chance to participate in challenges and win big bucks. That’s right; we’re talking up to $1.000 USD in cold, hard cash. So if you’ve been looking for a way to pad your wallet while spreading the word about Phantom Screens, this is your chance.

And last but not least, being an Ambassador will open up a whole world of professional and growth opportunities. Who knows, you might even become the next CEO of Phantom Screens. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but you get the idea.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Phantom Screens Ambassador program and embark on a magical journey filled with bug-free nights (and days, of course!), fabulous parties and all the Phantom Screens swag your heart desires. It’s like a fairytale come to life!

Ready to have your mind expanded? Here are some juicy deets about our program that you won’t want to miss!

We’re on a mission to champion the intrepid ambassadors of exceptional and exquisite content. As your reliable partner and purveyor of lifestyle, we cordially invite you to intertwine our brand into the very fabric of your lifestyle and content. Let’s join forces and make magic together!


Well, we’re on the hunt for someone special… Could it be you? We are looking for dynamic content creators! We’re all about passion, not just numbers – so followers, smollowers, they don’t matter to us. We’re all team players here! If you’ve got an interest in renovations and DIY, it’s a plus. Of course, familiarity with our products is a must, but we won’t hold it against you if you’re not already a superfan. Oh, and one more thing: location, location, location. You’ve got to live in an area where we’ve got a distributor – but no worries, you can check that out HERE.

But fear not, for with great responsibility comes even greater perks! We’re on the lookout for some brilliant minds to help us spread the Phantom Screens love. As one of our esteemed Ambassadors, you’ll be tasked with flexing your creative muscles by participating in monthly challenges and crafting top-notch content to showcase our screens. Don’t worry, we won’t be breathing down your neck – we only ask that you share at least one quality photo or video every three months. After all, sharing your inspirations with your audience is what it’s all about!

Expand our horizons and connect with like-minded individuals in the home improvement industry! You’ll have the chance to share ideas and forge valuable connections. Plus, stay in touch with our exclusive Facebook group, where you can share tips and tricks and keep up with the latest from Phantom Screens.

And while all that is undoubtedly important, what sets us apart is our sheer enjoyment in everything we do. From participating in challenges to sharing our latest social media posts, we make it our mission to infuse every moment with a touch of lightheartedness and fun. So what are you waiting for? Join the party and see what all the fuss is about!

Phantom Screens Latching Handle with sliding screen hardware

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some truly amazing people over the years…

The kind of folks who make you jump out of bed in the morning and race to the office. And you know what? We miss ’em! But we’re not ones to sit around and mope – oh no. In fact, a recent text exchange with one of our favorite influencers got our creative juices flowing, and before we knew it, we’d dreamed up our very first Ambassador program.

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