The Phantom Screens Idea Home

Product: Retractable door screens, retractable window screens & retractable wall screens
Mesh Type: Fiberglass 18/14 mesh and clear vinyl.
Builder: Lipford Construction
Location: Mobile, Alabama
Style: Arts & Crafts

Phantom Screens Idea Home in Mobile, Alabama, back porch photo

The need

As part of this historic home renovation, the designers wanted to open all of the living spaces to the outdoors without taking away from the traditional design. In order to do this, they needed to find a way to keep out unwanted bugs and debris.

Outdoor kitchen in Mobilbe, Alabama, featuring Phantom Screens

The solution

Phantom’s screens were installed on each of the home’s windows and doors and also enclosed the back porch. Now the homeowners can comfortably enjoy their outdoor living space year round and a cool breeze can flow easily throughout the entire home.

“They blend seamlessly in with the window and not detract from the beauty so we were able to preserve the old look and feel of the window yet add in the modern convenience of a retractable screen.” – Esther de Wolde CEO, Phantom Screens

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