Case Study

The New American Remodel

About the home

This 30 year old Florida home on beautiful Lake Nona was the perfect selection for the New American Remodel. It’s overall layout was very claustrophobic with a distracted design and structural flaws rendering it virtually unlivable. Fortunately, architect Phil Kean and his team saw the home’s potential and were able to transform the property into a modern Bahamian masterpiece complete with up-to-date furnishings, breezy open spaces, and a sprawling outdoor living area.

STYLE: Modern, Bahamian
DESIGNER: Phil Kean Design Group
PRODUCT: Motorized retractable screens

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What makes this project special

Phil Kean (PKDG) often chooses Phantom’s screens because they don’t distract from his design. He stated about this project, “When not needed, the screens retract completely out of sight into their color-matched housings, preserving the look and design of the original opening.”


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