Keeping a car dealership cool with motorized screens

Products: Motorized retractable screens
Location: Kelowna, BC
Architecture & Design: Lambert & Paul Construction

This successful car dealership, Harmony Honda, has been a part of the Kelowna community for over 25 years. Unfortunately, when the company moved to their current location they were faced with a problem very common to dealerships with large windows: afternoon glare and intense heat from the sun. Kelowna’s extreme heat was making the showroom uncomfortable for both the staff and their customers. To make matters worse, the sun’s strong glare was also fading their print materials and furniture.


Phantom’s motorized screens with 90% UV blockage help keep the building cool and their print materials from fading in the sun. The screen’s mesh type is also great for outward visibility and daytime privacy.

When sun protection is not required, Phantom’s motorized screens retract into cavities designed above the openings, completely hiding them from view.

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