Historic Boston Home, Brookline, Massachusetts.
Retractable Serene window screen on a casemenet window.
Retractable Serene window screens on casement windows.
Retractable Serene window screens on casement windows.

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When purchased by the homeowners in 2006, the historic Boston Colonial home was on the verge of complete deterioration after decades of neglect. The result of the homeowners’ four-year renovation process is a blend of historic architectural details and materials with modern conveniences, including high-performance electronics, a state-of-the-art kitchen and a modern climate control system.
The homeowners had to carefully follow Massachusetts Historical Society guidelines and rules throughout the renovation process. As they had to preserve the original windows that dated from 1912, they could not add any fixed screens for shading and insect protection. They therefore needed a screen solution that met the Society guidelines while providing insect protection, solar shade, and ventilation.
The homeowners selected retractable Serene window screens by Phantom® as the best solution for several windows in their home. The screens are custom made and professionally installed to match the varying sizes and colors of each window in the home. The selected mesh type (Fiberglass 18/14 mesh by Phifer) in silver grey finish provides ventilation and insect protection when the screens are lowered, and blocks 40% of UV rays during sunny days. Learn more about our Professional Door Screens specified for this project.

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