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Original Equipment Manufacturers

Phantom’s retractable screens are a natural complement to quality door and window systems. Our experienced consultants can work with your product development team to determine how our existing screens can integrate into your products, providing additional value and benefits to your customers. Phantom’s variety of retractable screens provide a wide range of application types for standard doors, windows and oversized door openings.

In addition to our technical product consultation, our team of sales & marketing professionals can provide support when it comes to promoting retractable screen technology to your sales representatives and clients. The combination of Phantom’s market reputation and high level of brand awareness will add value and compliment your brand in consumers’ minds.

We invite you to visit our Design Specifications to access drawings, technical specs and product details. Please contact us or call us at 1-888-444-4142 for more information on how Phantom Screens can work with your company to offer retractable screens to your window and door products.