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The homeowners of this beachfront home in Jamestown, RI, enjoy a stunning view of Mackerel Cove. In order to better entertain their friends and family and make the most of their seaside views, they decided to add a new porch to the existing building.
The homeowners needed a screen solution for their new porch that would provide insect protection, and preserve the clear view of the water without taking away from the elegance of the home.
In order to maintain the architectural integrity, the homeowners insisted the screens must retract completely out of sight when not in use. Phantom’s motorized retractable Executive Screens were installed in recessed housings and are completely invisible when not in use. Due to frequent strong ocean breezes, the screens are also connected to a wind sensor. The sensor protects the screens from damage by automatically raising them when the wind reaches 40 MPH. When winter arrives, the screens are safely stored in their recessed housings until they are needed the following spring.

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